Friday, 20 May 2016

Luxottica Sunglasses and Frames Sample Sale

Until today, I had no idea there was even a local Luxottica office, let alone that they do sample sales. 

Anyway, someone posted a picture of the notice online and I had planned on going on Saturday. However, the power crapped out at work for a bit and I snuck away to check things out. 

Made it there in record time, showed the picture to the guard who let me park outside on the compound (so I really have no idea if have to pay parking or not). Joined the line a little after 4 p.m., which was basically for the hoi polloi at that point since it started at 2 p.m. for employees. Mind you, I don't know anyone at Luxottica (unlike some other people I was in line with), so I was a bit of an interloper. 

So close, yet so far....!!
I was in line for about half an hour, only to be led into a meeting room, with tables of trays of eyewear: Ray-Bans were RM150 each (sunglasses or frames), the other brands (Oakley, Prada, Michael Kors, etc) were RM200. At these prices, it's kind of worth lining up for. And the line was already nearly out the door. 

Each group is only allowed 15 minutes to browse (there's even an iPad with a running timer) before they have to vacate to pay (we were told that if you want to browse some more, you would have to join the line again). Shrewdly enough, it's also a cash only sale and they are (literally) only selling the sunglasses/frames and nothing else. No cloth or case (which I'm fine with). At these prices, each person is also ONLY allowed a maximum EIGHT pairs. Gee, talk about generous :P 

Spent my 15 minutes going through the table full of Ray-Bans and made off with a pair of polarised Wayfarers that didn't make me look like a fly. To be fair, they have a good mix of classic and seasonal designs and frames, so you might find something if you know what you want (I only wanted polarised sunglasses, which made it easier in that short amount of time). RM150 for something that's usually about RM600 - RM800 for polarised sunglasses is worth it, especially for me, the klutz who's already dropped and dinged another pair of clearance Ray-Bans :P 

I snorted a little when I heard a guy ask if they had the classic RB3025 aviators (which I did not spot, but wouldn't buy anyway cos they look ridiculous on me). 

I don't know if they'll replenish for Saturday, but if you lower your expectations (but don't forget to bring actual cash money if you're going)...