Monday, 2 May 2016

KL International Book Fair 2016

Killed a couple of the afternoon hours by driving out to MAEPS for the KL International Book Fair, with pretty low expectations - I hadn't attended for a number of years now, mostly because it was in PWTC (and the travel wasn't worth it), and also knowing that I would come up empty handed because about 80% of the booths carry Malay or religious titles and I'm aware I'm not the target demographic. It was either this, or pay too much for parking at a mall with everyone else who hasn't left town, so whatever. 

When I finally got there, there was a RM3 fee (entrance or parking, I'm not sure) which I was peeved about until I saw the MAEPS trams out and about - it's been ages since I had last ridden one of these (okay, not since Big Bad Wolf Books had their sale there one year), so as long as I didn't have to walk from where I parked (I probably could've walked if I had to, but really...), I just hopped on a passing tram and enjoyed the ride. Well, I enjoyed it more than this pakcik, who was a bit anxious about where the tram was going until we got right to the door. His kid was more calm about it than he was. 

Because it was spread out over 3 different halls, it took me some time to cover it all (even though I could've done without going to Hall D), but by the time I got out of Halls A and B, it was raining heavily. I was there probably an hour, 90 minutes tops? The only thing I got was a free poster of who the current ministers and their deputies are, and a booklet about GST from the Kementerian Penerangan booth. Yeah it's not just book publishers, there's also a BSN presence, your local universities, different ministries... Can't help but notice that I was probably one of the few non-Malay visitors there... 

Because of the weather, the trams just drove into the canopy so alighting passengers aren't sopping wet. I also didn't know them trams had window panes. I hopped on the next tram back to where I parked and left. 

I was feeling peckish by the time I got back to PJ, I stopped by the only Starbucks on the way home with free indoor parking and had both the S'mores frapp and a S'mores tart. 

All I can say about that was I'm never having the S'mores frapp ever again.