Friday, 13 May 2016

ChimiChurri, Jaya One

Going by the name, one would think that ChimiChurri is a place that sells grilled meat or something (because it's a grilled meat sauce). But no, it's salads, wraps and sandwiches kinda place located upstairs in The School, Jaya One. Which I'm surprised there aren't any more of in that neck of the woods, so they've got that covered. 

For the price of the protein (or lack thereof, with the all vegetarian option), you can have your meal either in the form of a salad bowl, wrap or a sandwich. And it comes with a complimentary soup of the day. I got the potato and leek when I was there - not my favourite, personally, that's just me. The soup is also free of seasoning, so people get to season to their liking. 

The warm ingredients alone - cauliflower rice, couscous, grilled vegetables - was already worth the price paid, especially if you're not one to prep them yourself and not likely to find in what few salad places you come across. 

Because it was my first time there, the guy attending to me let me try three of their dressings/sauces to try, which made it confusing to my taste buds, so will definitely have to try them one by one in the future. The grilled chicken breast (grilled to order) was also decent tasting, as someone who's more into dark meat.

With so many warm and cold ingredients (your usual salad bar staples), you're only limited to your imagination... and whether or not you like certain things. 

Will definitely go back when I'm in the mood for salad, which at this point is about every week because I get tired of rice and noodles by the weekend... or if I'm ever in the area or something.