Sunday, 17 April 2016

Week 17, 2016 - McDonald's chocolate soft serve is back!!!

Weather is still panas sial.
  • Second over Shopbop arrived way overpacked this week, but still within the three day shipping, so.. anyway, gave them feedback on the packing.
  • With Rayani Air getting a three month suspension, all the other airlines are jumping in on the passengers who got erm, cheated by offering lower fares. Okay then.
  • While McDonald's has brought back chocolate flavoured soft serve ice cream, however, it's only available at certain stores, so let me know if you spot it and where. 
  • Got an early bird ticket to see Gabriel Iglesias in June.
  • Face contouring not enough, now leg also must contour ah? WTF... 
  • Met up with a friend who was in town for a bit for someone else's wedding over the past weekend.
  • Must be a slow news week when getting into legal trouble from eating poppy seed product is front page news :P  
  • Met up with a couple of people for dinner that other people dropped out of cos someone is going to Australia on a two year job stint in (literally) the Outback.
  • As much as I detest getting MBPJ parking summons (I think I'm getting picked on by the local meter maid), but as I found out it might be worth the pain of registering to pay them online so that you don't have to waste a couple of hours going to New Town, finding parking, etc. Can also get the discount, so fuck that shit.