Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Valiram, Anya Hindmarch Family and Friends Sales in KL

Last week, I took a early lunch break to drive down to KL's Golden Triangle to check out both the Valiram and Anya Hindmarch's Friends and Family sales in both the J.W. Marriott and the Westin hotels respectively. 

Knowing that I'll be in and out pretty quickly, I parked at the one place I know with the cheapest first (and second hour, tops) hour parking rate: Wisma Genting. I caught a passing GOKL bus to go around Pavilion (haha) and hopped off at the next stop: the standalone Sephora store on the other side, which is the next stop for a few GOKL lines. 

As both the Marriott and Westin are next to each other, I stopped by the Marriott first to check out the Valiram sale. 

Valiram sale: At least they had the sense to have it at a ballroom downstairs because walking in the front door, you would have no idea that there's a warehouse sale going on. And then you see the chaos as you go down the stairs... It didn't take long to go in, it just took awhile for the people at the entrance to secure everyone's bags with plastic bags and zip ties. I only had a few brands I wanted to check out (Kate Spade, Tumi, TWG and Godiva was 40% off). When I didn't find anything I want, I went out through the no-purchase exit because the line to pay was long and slow moving. Also, it looked like the same stuff from last year's sale, so yeah... 

Walked down the road some more to the Westin for the... 

Anya Hindmarch sale: Got a text about the one-day sale the week before, with a phone number attached, which was probably a huge hint because by the time I got there, a lot of things were already (presumably) reserved, bagged and ready for pick up by people who had the sense to call said phone number. Which leaves very little left for the rest of us who wanted to try our luck. 

If nothing else, there's usually a refreshment area outside at these sales where one can help themselves to coffee, a variety of Twinings teas, water and a selection of cookies. So I  helped myself to some tea bags, had a cappuccino, some of the cookies, topped up my water bottle and left. 

While I was getting caffeinated on their dime, someone walked up, thinking it was the Valiram sale. I told that person that that sale was up the road. I imagine there must be a few sesat people that day. 

The most exertion I had was walking back to Wisma Genting via Pavilion. 

Despite all that, I only paid RM2 in parking, so yay!