Saturday, 30 April 2016

Urbanscapes 2016

After lunch in KLCC (by the time I was done in Sephora, I was pretty ravenous), I hopped on a GOKL bus to Wisma Cosway to catch another back to Central Market (different line). Then I hung out on the outgoing GOKL bus for about 10 minutes to rest my feet before getting off at the very first stop at Bangkok Bank to walk about less than 100m to Urbanscapes House (or rather, the old OCBC Bank building along Jalan Hang Kasturi, where the Bar Council is, behind Central Market). I was too tired to cross the road and too lazy to walk through Central Market. 

I knew I made it when I saw the windows... 

This was the first time in years I didn't have to pay 3 digits to go to Urbanscapes (there's also concerts in conjunction with this year's Urbanscapes, but nothing I wanted to see). So when I walked in, all I had to do was sign in/sign up/surrender my personal details to the guys at the desk, who probably has to explain the situation in the house several hundred times a day at that point. So me and another guy got the briefing and went on our merry (separate) way. 

(When you sign in, you get a Epik Shop voucher and also a bottled water; I didn't know about the water and no one gave it to me until I realised and asked)

There's something happening on every floor (it changes every weekend), so I took the lift up to the top and worked my way down to the basement, where the art exhibition is. 

The only thing I had was Softsrve's Urbanscapes-only Pink Lemonade sorbet (RM9), which I slowly dug into while perusing old TimeOut magazines scattered about on the pallet tables to rest my feet some more. Oh yeah, there's also a seating area and stage when you walk in, so you can enjoy the performances on stage and/or rest the tootsies. 

I think I only finally left about 3, 4 something because I was getting tired and I still had to walk back to the LRT station before it rained. 

Yup, one of the installations at the Pasar Seni station.
Finally, an Urbanscapes where I'm not sweating my balls off :P 

If I have time, I might go again next weekend? See how it goes.