Saturday, 30 April 2016

Sephora KLCC store reopening

I had a busy Saturday and this was how I started my day: 

Checked out Sephora's store reopening event at KLCC that was just for Black Card members. Even though I only got there literally a few minutes after 10 a.m., I was 21st out of the first 50 that got a RM50 voucher (My bet that there won't be that many people gungho enough to go line up for a 10 a.m. event on a Saturday kinda paid off). They gave out cookies, customised candy (of the logo, natch), samples and balloons. Nadia Heng was MC (I wasn't sure who she was until she reintroduced herself at some point; I think she was also at the Nu Sentral store opening...? Again, not sure). 

Breakfast of champions at Sephora - cookies and candy :P
Was glad that the store wasn't terribly crowded, so I got a bunch of the samples and cookies. There's also other things going on like Make Up Forever's complimentary eye brow contouring or concealer application demo/customer data gathering exercise (as you needed to fill out personal details), performances, etc. 

Have I mentioned that the male models (promoting Burberry's pour homme fragrance, Mr Burberry) were pretty hot? Look them up on Instagram under the #SephoraMY hashtag. 

There were also Q&A sessions with stuff being given out - there were a lot of eager beavers the first round, and with rate of attrition (I guess a bunch of people already left?), I only deigned to go for the second round of Q&A and waited for Ms Heng to give out the prize I wanted: the bag of Fresh deluxe samples. There was also some other travel kit, but I didn't hear what the brand was and a Sephora pouch which I'm not sure the contents of, so I passed on that.

Here's a haul pic of the freebies:

As usual with these gift vouchers, it took me a couple of hours there and a lot of walking around before I finally settled on what I was gonna use the voucher on (I couldn't decide between cleansing oil, exfoliant or foundation). 

Overall, this event less aggravating than an actual store opening - mostly because it's for Black Card members and they're not busy trying to get people to sign up for White Card and slowing things down.