Thursday, 7 April 2016

First Impressions: Glo Damansara

Glo Damansara itself is still pretty empty, except for Ben's Independent Grocer, a yoga studio and a Mediterranean restaurant...?

Parking: At the moment, still free. And there's ladies parking, if anyone cares. Thankfully the ramp going up and down the parking lot is spacious enough. Haven't quite figured out if the basement parking is accessible to the hoi polloi or not, because it's not terribly practical going up and down four floors (even with working elevators) from the supermarket on the Lower Ground Floor. 

Anyhow, was over there last night mostly to check out Ben's Independent Grocer - the place seems to be mostly up and running, even the on-site eateries like Ben's General Food Store and the bakery. Size-wise, it's definitely bigger than the Batai outlet, but not as yuuugggeee as the Publika outlet which houses a couple more restaurants than here. It's pretty sufficient. 

They have a bunch of opening promos to celebrate in case you need an incentive to go...
  • BOGO pizza (at Ben's General Food Store), until 8th May so you still have time. 
  • BOGO coffee, also until 8th May and for certain hot coffee drinks only.
  • First 50 people a day (until Sunday) get free coffee - either a Long Black or Flat White.