Saturday, 30 April 2016

Crackhouse Carnival - Show Us Your Wits

In celebration of it's second anniversary, the Crackhouse Comedy Club put together 8 shows with a different lineup every night. The only one I wanted to watch was the one show with the all female lineup, Show Us Your Wits, with Kristel Zweers, Sharul Channa, Joanna Sio, Hannan Azlan and Shamaine Othman. 

So I basically walked in (no reservation, even though I had asked over Whatsapp if there was still room for one more), paid and waited for the show to start. While I admit I hadn't been there that much (the last time being Boxing Day last year), but it was the busiest I've seen the place - people kept streaming in. Which is a good thing.

With the RM50 admission comes a free drink, which is great if you're a beer or wine drinker. If you're me who's not, the only thing they can offer is the not-so hard drinks. So I settled for a ginger ale :P 

The host was Chrisy Wu (to keep with the all lady theme, I guess), but she kept things brief by not taking up too much stage time. It wasn't your usual weekend show at the Crackhouse. 

All the ladies were pretty funny, even the ladies I had seen before. 

At the end of the show, we the audience found out that Shamaine had to back out due to a family emergency, so they got Michelle Barbour (whom I've seen at open mics) to fill in. Because they had to reset the place for the 10.30 p.m. show but there was still room for anyone there who wanted to stay for another RM30 (instead of RM50). 

I took my RM30 and got a not-very relaxing head and shoulder massage at the neighbouring massage place (they share the same wall upstairs) for the WiFi password so I don't have to depend on Little Wonton's WiFi (which is not bad for being 2 shops away) when I'm at the Crackhouse next.