Saturday, 2 April 2016

Cheapest phone accessories in PJ?

I had heard about this place from the sibling, who had wanted to get Type-C USB cables for his new phone but they were hard to come by (or something like that). Has a reputation for selling the cheapest phone and PC accessories in town and is open til late. 

Since I had nothing better to do one night, thought I'd pursue this lead because it's open til 4 a.m. I said it - 4 A.M. In case you ever feel the urge to accessorize your phone, tablet, phablet, etc in the middle of the night. You can also Waze it - Kedai Ustaz Phone Accessories in Kota Damansara. 

So it's basically you drive past IPC, Sunway Giza and also Segi college, and then keep going some more. It's pretty damn far to go for cheap cables and stuff, but just this one time... The area it's located in is pretty bustling for that neck of the woods at that time of night.

What's hilarious is the competition next door is called Gadgets World 666. Coincidence, I think not. 

Ustaz had trouble keeping their power on. 
When I was there, Ustaz had electrical problems and they weren't letting people in (I guess shoplifting is a possible), so I went over to 666 cos I was sweating like I was having a fever. I spent way more time than I would've because my mind was confuzzled with all the accessories there. They both have everything you would need for the most popular devices like iPhones, Samsungs and brands like OPPO and Xiaomi. They also sell things like action cams, SD cards in various sizes, but I don't know about buying something like that from there. They're both also pretty busy on a Thursday night.

With prices so cheap, it's walk in, cash-only and there's no exchanges or refunds. Which is why they have testing areas for you to try things like USB cables and car chargers out to see if they explode in your face or not.

Anyhow, spent about RM9 at Ustaz (RM6 on a 1-metre Remax cable and RM3 on a male-to-male audio cable), and about RM11 next door on a similar length micro-USB cable (but a different brand).

Ustaz may be cheaper, but the service is better in 666.

If you live nearby, have nothing better to do, or need to stock up on things like this late at night, you're welcome to go check it out.