Sunday, 13 March 2016

Week 11, 2016

Weather mostly still hot as balls; I feel my arms sizzle (even with sunblock on) when I go outside.

  • I'm not sure if slurping through a plastic straw, in a plastic cup is how I want to eat my laksa :P 
  • The Candylicious in the second home is having a closing down sale until this coming Wednesday - everything is at least 35% off, even the non-edibles. So if you have time... 
  • AEON is finally pulling the plug on their expiry date-less gift vouchers :P 
  • Bought more Garrett's Caramelcrisp popcorn this past week that I had in the last year or two, because there was a BOGO promo. I wouldn't mind the Chicago Mix, but the cheese-flavoured one doesn't keep as well after a day or two.. 
  • Won a couple of e-vouchers from GSC's Oscar prediction contest. Now I can watch a couple of craptastic movies for erm, free.
  • Traded in one old HP printer for (soon) another. 
  • Heard that the local Laura Mercier is raising the price of their foundation primer (to RM169, or something like that) soon, so if you use it, you might want to stock up...