Sunday, 6 March 2016

Week 10, 2016

  • Maybank finally announced their card upgrade (from signature-based to PIN-and-Pay), after some of other banks have announced this since the beginning of the year. 
  • Sephora has their International Women's Day promo - until 8th March, White Card holders get double points on their purchases and Black Card holders get triple points. Which kind of matters now since it's RM3 to a point :P The catch is that any points accumulated will take about 10 working days to register. So I bought the new Marc Jacobs liquid foundation, a new NYX powder (which I would have to go back to exchange as it's not the exact shade). Would've bought the NUDESTIX Clean Up pencil for the lolz, but it went up RM8 and it's now RM92 all around >:( 
  • Laura Mercier also has several International Women's Day deals, but I only went for the RM38 1-oz primer (I got samples in the past, but was inconclusive). Even if you bought two, it's still cheaper than the usual sized 1.7-oz one. 
  • Got the shock of my life when I got Aug 2015's EPF statement instead of March 2016 statement this week. Very convenient, only paying this now after the interest had been declared and credited on 11 months' worth of EPF payments and not twelve -_- 
  • This week I found out one of the weird requirements for halal certification here in Malaysia when I posted a picture of one of the walls in the Nathan's Famous in Putrajaya where the word "dogs" was covered up and the person running the FB account explained why. 
  • Saturday night dinner at Woo Ng Kee in Taman Ehsan with paternal relations.