Friday, 11 March 2016

Trading in ye olde HP Printer

One of the office HP printers finally crapped out (as expected), and after making a couple of calls, I was relieved to find out that HP Malaysia still have their Trade In, Trade Up promotion.  

The snag is you would have to bring the old printer to this place in Taman Desa (they moved from Menara HP near Damansara Heights), which is only open from 8.30 a.m. - 5.30 p.m., Mondays to Fridays. If you don't have upper body strength like yours truly, you need some muscle to carry old printer for this part of the exercise. Luckily there's parental-provided muscle, so no worries there :P 

We lucked out and got parking in front of Les Deux Garcons next door, so we didn't have far to lug the thing.

The whole process probably took about 10 minutes tops, but basically you bring it in, say you want to trade in, fill out a form, they process the request and you get a verification number on the form that you can bring to one of THREE place on the list (for Klang Valley) to get a new one.

Here's the list:

If it's any help, here's the list of printers you can get under this promotion, valid until the end of April.

In case anyone was wondering, be prepared to write off the cartridges in the printer you're trading in, because you can't take those out and put them in the new printer (it's some security feature). We learnt this the hard way from the last time.

I say it's a win: the old printer is not taking up space and collecting dust; it's (hopefully) being responsibly recycled by the manufacturer and not in some landfill, and we get another printer at a lower price :P