Saturday, 13 February 2016

Tales from the Bedroom 3: Save the Best for Last

Like when I saw the first Tales from the Bedroom by Big Nose Productions, I had bought two opening night tickets and the other person dropped out due to other commitments (the only annoying thing about Valentine's Day being within the 2 week CNY period - everyone's got some reunion/gathering that they would rather or have to attend or are travelling) and I wasn't sure who was free, or even around to ask. Long story short, I found someone to go with me. Another KLPAC virgin. (Why does this always happen to me? I kid, I kid) whom I had to drive because I was the only one between us that's gone there with any regularity.

By the time we got there (between dinner started late for me, and his perpetually tardy ass), the doors were already open and we were stuck basically watching it from the side. Also wasn't really expecting Joe and Faridah to attend the show, but that's just me. Pentas 2 is an upgrade from the smaller space that was Indicine. 

It was about 2.5 hours (with 15 minute intermission). It was indeed the best of the series, or rather, the crowd favourites. Which I'm not going to rehash here, but you could read them here and here.

Some of the cast members came back to reprise their characters, other characters got recast. The most hilarious person is still Marcus Tan and his Chinaman characters in two different plays. Of course the only bit my friend was tickled by was when one of the actors who kept saying "I AM A SEX GODDESS!" more than once in one of the plays.

What I liked is that even for people who had seen the previous shows (like yours truly), the plays got tweaked here and there. Either that, or it had been that long since I saw the previous shows and I don't exactly remembered how it ended.

No under-16s allowed.
I would tell you to go watch the show, but I hear that the run is slowly selling out, so you're welcome to try your luck.