Tuesday, 9 February 2016

First Impressions: da:mén, USJ

Went to check out the latest all in USJ, da:mén (which literally means "Big Door") just to get out of the house and I otherwise wouldn't venture to that part of USJ normally. (It's located down the road from Summit)

Fortunately, parking there is free until the end of the month. Otherwise, it'd be RM2 for the first three hours. Pretty much like Midvalley/Gardens.

It was just as well that parking is free, because occupancy at the moment is barely half full. And also no mobile reception in the mall. 

The lower ground floor is pretty much where the supermarket (Jaya Grocer) and most of the eateries/food court is. And probably the most happening floor at the moment. 

The only thing that excited me was this... 

Is Singapore's Pasarbella opening a Malaysian outpost? I wouldn't mind, because the one in Singapore is a pain to get to :P Wouldn't mind it more if the retailers from the Grandstand space was here, but that's just my laziness talking.

Other than that, no real reason to come back here any time soon.