Tuesday, 2 February 2016

About the Sephora Malaysia/Luxola acquisition...

When I read on Buro a week or two ago that Luxola got acquired by Sephora, my first thought was: Oh shit. Actually, my real first thought was...


While I'm usually all about change and would not one of those people who would complain (too much) about new things, but this wasn't exactly great news for the customer, and here's why:
  1. Prices for some brands (Mario Badescu comes to mind) were cheaper on Luxola than it was at the local Sephora store. Now we would have to pay local Sephora store prices online. *face palm*
  2. Local economy - The local online Sephora store has rendered some people's "Sephora personal shopper" side business that you sometimes come across online moot...? 
MY biggest bugbear from the whole acquisition news: The points system.

The old Sephora points system in Malaysia was that for every RM5 spent, you would get 3 points; once you reach 250, you get 10% discount voucher on your subsequent purchase.

Under the previous system, you would only have to spend RM416.67 (give or take) to reach that goal, or move up to Black Card if you're a White Card holder. Which is not difficult, even for someone like me, who got the Black Card within a couple of years.

NOW - to reach the same 250 points, one would have to spend RM750 because it's RM3 = 1 point. What. the. FUCK. Luckily there's no deadline on how often you need to reach said 250 points, but still.  

One might admit that it's great for people who live nowhere near a Sephora store, but at what cost? 

Luckily I had scaled up to Black Card a while back under the old points system, otherwise it would take me forever to do the same now because I'm one of those people who mostly shop during members' sale, and even then I don't spend much (aka not their best customer). As much as I enjoyed some of the other perks like the occasional free sample or member sales, and the customer service, but... 

I totally brain-farted about the cash rebate saved up in my old Luxola account that I'll never get back now. Ah well.