Sunday, 24 January 2016

Week 4, 2016

Weather still hot as balls this week, the rain is not helping. Makes for crappy nights sleeping, especially with the post-nasal drip happening now, urgh. 
  • Collected prize this week. 
  • Saw Marble Hearts on Wednesday.
  • Found out the hard way that I had to change ATM cards from the signature-based ones to the ones where only the PIN is required. One down, one more to go. 
  • WhatsApp is finally free to use... okay, then.
  • Got my annual free birthday brow waxing done this week at Benefit. Waiting for the brows to grow out for a few weeks always drive me nuts. 
  • Annual visit to Furless for discounted waxing. 
  • Pot luck with the collegemates over the weekend in Puchong. Round 2 happening around CNY, TBD. 
  • Tokyu Hands pop up in Pavilion, ARGH!!
  • F3 warehouse sale in Atria. As expected, I didn't come away with much.