Sunday, 17 January 2016

Week 3, 2016

Rough week for a lot of people (I don't know if there's a huge overlap of Bowie and Alan Rickman fans; if you are, let me know), particularly if your name's Celine Dion.

Doing my darndest to fight off this cold/flu I might've gotten from the sibling... #FML
  • Singapore gets Of Monsters and Men, Malaysia pulak? UB40 and Richard Marx :P Boring sial.
  • This year's Oscar nominations? Not very exciting. 
  • #KamiTidakTakut. Considering that the mall in question (Sarinah) was an older mall which didn't have metal detectors at its entrances (that I could remember) unlike the newer, posher malls in Jakarta... 
  • Luxola got acquired by Sephora, transitioning to from next month onwards. Kind of explains why Luxola has been carrying more and more Sephora products recently, but I don't know... so many questions lah
  • Times Bookstore Malaysia fucked up by embedding someone else's details into my membership card, which made life a little difficult for me when I wanted to print out the birthday voucher online and couldn't. I have since received a replacement card and a print out voucher from them, but still... After paying RM15 for the renewal, it's the least you can do. 
  • Had no idea Uniqlo sold towels now...