Sunday, 10 January 2016

Week 2, 2016

Weather still hot as balls. School year's started.
  • Netflix's streaming service finally rolled out to many other countries, including Malaysia (yay). But of course that party got pooped on pretty quickly by certain parties (*coughMCMCcough*) that said they would censor the content. Erm, right; good luck with that.
  • New TV episodes are finally back... yay!
  • Big news (didn't say it was good news) for NCIS fans this week: Michael Weatherly is leaving at the end of the season. There's so many ways DiNozzo can be written out (either he goes to be with Ziva, or he finally leads his own team...who knows), I can only guess which they're going with. This would also make McGee the senior Very Special Agent on Gibbs' team next season.