Sunday, 3 January 2016

Week 1, 2016

Is it just me, or has it been a really hot monsoon season? Great for car wash and laundry, but humans not so much. Maybe it all went to the American midwest, that's why it's flooding there and so warm here. 
  • Was right - The Force Awakens is finally on the list of asterisk-ed movies at GSC this week, so if you had free movie passes, you could use them for this now.
  • Finally saw The Force Awakens.
  • Got double charged by TGV at their ticketing kiosk - the payment was approved but the actual ticket purchase crapped out the first time and it only worked the second time. But it meant me having to lodge a complaint/refund request from both TGV and Maybank (filling out a transaction dispute form). If I'm lucky I'll get my RM8 back in 14 working days :P
    TGV's customer service is appaling; at least when you tweet-mention GSC, you get a response pretty quickly. 
  • Been catching up on comedy specials cos there's nothing new to watch - saw a bunch of Trevor Noah's pre-Daily Show specials. Lots of South African references (cos duh, they were in  South Africa), but even I found some of it funny. I totally get why he's picked to take over.