Friday, 8 January 2016

Mikey's New York Pizza, Midvalley

Finally got around to checking out Mikey's New York Pizza with the sibling over the long Christmas weekend, albeit the one in Midvalley that recently opened. It's near the GSC upstairs where the McDonald's used to be. 

Unless you're terribly hungry and/or didn't know, New York pizza slices tend to be on the larger side, so one slice is pretty filling for most people. Even though we were there on a public holiday, but we also got to enjoy the weekday lunch combo, which was a yay...! kinda moment. The lunch combo is sufficient for most people.

Was asked if I didn't mind waiting 10 minutes because they were still making the Classic Slice pizza that the sibling wanted and if they could serve both pizzas together. I said sure.

While waiting for the pizza, we shared a Staten Island Waffle Fries which came with 4 different sauces - bleu cheese, gravy, chilli mayo and ketchup.

Staten Island Waffle Fries
I had heard that New York pizza slices were huge, but this was O.o - okaylah, I could've finished it on its own, but not together with the fries. Or if I hadn't had the waffle fries beforehand. Pizza was pretty good, by the way. 

Mama's Wild Mushroom with fries
Of course, if you're not in the mood for pizza, there's also a frozen custard kiosk as well. Shared a chocolate pudding one (no toppings, RM6.90) between us and it was the richest thing either of us had  had in a while.