Sunday, 20 December 2015

Week 51, 2015

Monday was an unplanned holiday because Selangor won some football match. Great for anyone who doesn't have anything planned for the supposed work day, but still. Also last shopping weekend before Christmas.
  • The digital "mall" for Bumi-only traders opened this week. I'm just too lazy to go so far :P
  • So many freshman shows cancelled this week. I hope they wrapped up this season of Agent X.
  • Goodbye, The Soup ;( 
  • Got free scoop of ice cream this week. Obvs had the premo flavour, haha. 
  • Didn't know there's such a thing as a Syariah-compliant airline, now in Malaysia.
  • Found out that Margaret Cho is gonna perform in Singapore next March. Whether want or can afford to go is another matter :P 
Also, a lot of shows are already going on their year end breaks, so I'll mostly be bored out of my skull figuring out what to do. Le sigh. Speaking of which, I also need to do the year-end round up.