Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Streat Thai, Jaya One

Ended up at Streat Thai for lunch over the weekend while checking out the bazaar - it's outside and not attached to the main building.

It's mostly alfresco seating (there's plenty of fans for the candle princesses in all of us) and then there's the cooking stations that make it look like you're at a hawker centre... There's also a stage/raised platform, water feature and space for the most hyperactive kids to run and play around.

You sit down, peruse the menu and order from the server. Most of the menu seems to be for small groups, so if you're not there alone, you could order those, but I have no idea how big or small the portions are. They have little clipboards for each table for them to check off the orders as you receive them and for you to bring to the cashier to pay on your way out. 

It's pork free (not sure if it's halal-certified or not), so there are beef dishes on the menu because it can't all be chicken or seafood dishes. So I end up ordering rice with stir fried beef (RM11.90), which thankfully had some greens in them, but that also helped camouflaged the chilli seeds in there, washed down with an ice cold lychee black Thai tea (RM4.90). They're both edible and drinkable, so complaints there.

Before anyone asks...YES, there's a 10% service charge and 6% GST, which you might be able to bypass if you have it to go (their cashier counter is also the takeaway counter).

100-G.001, The School, Jaya One