Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Took me long enough to finally watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens... mostly because I'm too cheap to (intentionally) pay double digits to watch it. Also finally tried the ticketing kiosk at TGV and... I rather have the actual square stubs instead of the thermal paper printout that's gonna fade pretty quickly. Just saying.

I don't think I've seen a lot of JJ Abrams's work, so the expectations is also pretty low. 
(If it took me this long to finally watch it, and you haven't... well... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).
  • Kylo Ren... more like EMO-SIAL REN, amiright? There's an Emo Kylo Ren Twitter account.
  • Now that I read it somewhere, Daisy Ridley DOES look a little bit like Keira Knightley, albeit some of the time. Hard to unsee that now.
  • I don't think I've ever seen Domhnall Gleeson this clean cut ever, but dude really does look creepy as heck as General Hux. 
  • BB-8 on flat ground - no problem, very cute; climbing stairs, however... Oklah, have to like how it's got built-in grappling hooks to get itself out of things without human help. I was the only one laughing at BB-8; I knew because one of the kids sitting in front turned around to look at me. And I turned around to look at some other kids who were commenting REALLY LOUDLY about what's happening on screen.
  • Am I the only one that's always wondered how the humans seem to know what R2-D2, BB-8 and Chewbacca are saying with the beeps, boops and whatever speech pattern Chewbacca's is?
  • No wonder...
    • they never announced who Lupita Nyong'o was playing - it would've been so potong stim
    • the plot's been so hush-hush: but if anyone knew beforehand that it was just a gender-swapped version of Episode IV (aka A New Hope), I doubt people would've been so excited. Which also reinforces my theory that any time you don't know a movie's plot beforehand, it just means that the it would be crap. 
    • Harrison Ford got paid so much damn money for this role (if those rumours are true). And his stipulation for reprising the Han Solo role. Shrewd old fart - if I was him, I also want to get killed off and be handsomely paid for it too :P 
  • Having all the famous cameos in the movie is a bit meaningless since their faces are mostly covered up - it's like expecting us to believe that Hugo Weaving is really working half the roles where you don't actually see his face. 
  • I think I could buy Rey and Kylo Ren being cousins, but who knows, let's not be THAT predictable. If it turns out that she's just some rando that could be a future Jedi, however...
Star Wars: The Force Awakens was okay. It was nice to see everyone back (well, almost everyone). While it may be some people's movie of the year, but definitely not mine by any stretch of the imagination.

Now the pressure is on Rian Johnson for the next movie.