Monday, 28 December 2015

Over the long weekend...

Thursday: Went to Midvalley and The Gardens. Finally had Mikey's New York Pizza for lunch and frozen custard (located across from the GSC, where the McD used to be). 

Friday: KLCC during the day because I thought I would be able to finally get the rims on my sunglasses changed, only to find out that the wrong part had arrived (same model number, but way different item altogether). After making a calm, pointed comment about the RM7 round trip LRT fare from PJ, we agreed that they would send it to a store closer to me when the correct item FINALLY arrive. 

Spent Christmas evening at The Crackhouse, where there were about a dozen people besides me. There was complimentary cake on the tables, but I don't think anyone took more than a nibble. Rizal van Geyzel (the resident bumi partner) was host, with a couple of the open mic regulars Luwita and Hannan Azlan (with her ukelele) before the double headlining acts, Jinx Yeo and Papi Zak. Not a bad way to spend an evening as a heathen. 

Saturday: Spent the afternoon in IOI Mall as the car was getting the 4 layer polish, etc at a shop across the highway. Remembered why I hadn't been to IOI Mall in years. 

Because it took so long to finish, also ended up a little late for a wedding reception at Dad's friend's place in a posh, a lot of security kind of neighbourhood in Shah Alam (one of his kids was getting married). I usually don't go to these things, but knowing the hosts, I figured the makan should be different from usual.

Mum thought it was someone else's wedding kenduri because it had that vibe as we walked up, but nope, right place and wedding. Because of the host family's rojak background (don't know the specifics), there were buffet lines for Thai food (as well as a corner for the Thai desserts, kuih pelita and red ruby and eventually wedding cake), Middle Eastern, a small carving area with the sides and sauces. The booze was on the front yard where the massive extended family was. 

Talk about small world: my bro's friend (who's GF is a relative) recognised my dad when the latter was at the house that morning for the ceremonial part of the nuptials. So at least my bro had a kaki at that wedding party and wasn't bored. Me? I kept myself occupied by trying out a little bit of everything.

Sunday: Killed a couple of hours in the afternoon in KL and at Hail's Soft Serve.