Friday, 11 December 2015

Checked out the new IKEA store and all I got was...

A 9-volt battery. Hey, IKEA has cheap ones at RM5.90 which I hadn't been able to find in my last couple of trips there. 

Anyway, my big mistake was going there on a state holiday because it seemed like everyone else had the same idea.

First things first: Parking. Same as IPC. But unlike the older store, this one has the little lights that show whether a parking bay is occupied or not, so yay. But if you're like me, you might've missed the security guys trying to guide you outside. No worries, just take the U-turn at the traffic light and there's an entrance that goes straight into the parking lot. There also seems to be a dearth of autopay machines in the parking lot, with everyone lining up at the same one (there's another hidden one that other people have pointed out). Talk about shitty placement. There's also only one exit lane for every two entry lanes into the parking lot.

Actual store: Layout takes some getting used to. More shortcuts available. The only department that I've noticed has got more space is the outdoor furnishing and gardening departments.

Cafe: Didn't get to try as the line was way too long for me and can't be arsed. As usual, go when it's off peak. I didn't even get to redeem the members' free tea or coffee cos the line is so long.. That said, you could probably get away with erm, "helping yourself" cos it was that busy. Also, I didn't know IKEA sold gummies! 

You would think that with the state holiday, there would be more cashier counters open. Nope. Lines are still long and slow. You would think there would be express lanes, but NOOOO....

And you wonder why I rather go to IKEA on a weeknight.