Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Boran - Classic Thai Street Food

There's been an explosion of Thai street food places in PJ, and Boran is another new one that opened in Seapark. Saw this place while waiting at the nearby traffic junction and had bookmarked for those "no meal at home days". So was there one Sunday for lunch, and it was a busy lunch service. 

I got a noodle dish, the sibling got a rice dish (which was more substantial, portion wise, but only if you're a small eater). Also ordered dessert and washed it all down with iced milk tea (RM4.90, although I feel like we had more ice than tea in ours :( ) 

Well it saves space, hanging the menus on the wall like that...

Classic pork noodle soup - Pretty good for the small portion (RM4.90)
The noodle soup won't fill anyone up, but that's what the other snacks in the menu are for - the grilled pork neck (which has been sous-vide beforehand for 16 hours), pork skewers... In case anyone's wondering, there's no tomyam.

Fried quail eggs on a bed of cabbage (RM3.90)
25G, Jalan 21/11A, Seapark