Friday, 18 December 2015

Banana leaf rice lunch, ANZGAM

Since I read on TimeOut KL that the people that ran the UM Academic Club bungalow cafe had moved out to occupy the ANZGAM Club House (Australia and New Zealand Graduates' Association  of Malaysia) at Lorong Utara (B), which is on the road to the Astaka field (or: keep right before the PJ Hilton traffic junction, make a right turn before or at the Tun Hussein Onn Eye Hospital).

Unlike the previous premises, there's not a lot of parking space on the grounds itself. I would not suggest double parking on the side of the road (tempting as that is) because it's a two lane road (and if anything happens to your car, you only have yourself to blame). However, there's a huge parking lot at the end of the road at Astaka field, so don't be so lazy and walk a bit lah

Anyhow, if you see this, you've made it...

Note: The banana leaf rice lunch is only available for lunch.

Operation hours
Because it's Friday, there's more dishes for an additional RM1 on top of the basic RM5 meal. And if you want, there's other things like rasam, payasam, moru... They have meat dishes, but better to ask the waitstaff what's available first (the sibling wanted his usual varuval chicken, but they only had mutton something or other, so he went with that). It's (still) not bad considering the price. Perhaps not as scenic as it's previous premises, but if you're in the area..

I admit, service could be better, but ehhh....¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Before the papadom
Here's the Google Maps map in case anyone needs it.