Saturday, 5 December 2015

2015 Big Bad Wolf Books sale

Took me what felt like (and probably was) an hour to get to the sale because I kept taking the wrong lanes (it's not a place I go that often, maybe twice a year tops) and once you take the wrong lane, it's a long time before you can get back to where you wanted to be. And yes, I actually shut up and paid the RM2.10 toll at Sunway (or RM4.20 both ways), but not the toll after the racetrack, so SUCK ON THAT... haha.

By the time I paid the entrance parking fee of RM4, it was about 2 something in the p.m. As usual, getting in and parking was the easy part (never spent more than 10 minutes; making up for lost time on the road, I guess). Also, you know the credit card promoters must have a serious KPI if one guy promised (and did) give me twice the signup gifts (RM10 voucher and the flat water bottle everyone else now is ciplak-ing from the memobottle Kickstarter project) just to get me to sign up for a credit card.

The graphic novel section was a bit disappointing as the tables mostly made up of comic strip compilations. 

Pretty much eyeballed most of the areas I wanted to see, stored my unpurchased stuff downstairs before going up to check out the F&B options (sadly, no massage booth this time) for a bit, eyeballed some more, paid and left. Prices have gone up RM2 on average - books that were RM8 are now RM10, etc.

Paying was fast and painless - no line. The cashiers there (I asked, they told me) had been there since 7 A.M. Holy shit man!

Here's the haul pic, if anyone else cares... 

Makin lama, makin kurang beli... 
Leaving was a pain in the backside because there was only one egress, which was one of the things that infuriate me about Mines. (THANKS, CAPITALAND) Left about 5 something, but with the congestion on the way out, I only got home around 6 something. Good thing I didn't need to use the bathroom until I got home.

PS. Didn't spend that much time in the mall next door either - I was mostly in Spotlight figuring out what to spend the RM30 voucher on and ended up with cotton, non-quilted pillow protectors which only cost RM9 (or RM4.50 each cos it was a two-pack) after the voucher. And the voucher I printed out crapped out at the cashier, which they had to override in the end when I show them the email on my phone. 

Stray observations:
  • If you have a Hong Leong card (of any kind, principal or supplementary, which was what I was told), you could redeem either a can of Nescafe or a bottle of Milo from the counter outside the hall without having to play the game on their console which craps out every n-th player. 
  • You know what would be fun? If they sold alcohol and people sipping on wine or something as they browsed for books, haha. If you spill, you pay.