Sunday, 15 November 2015

Week 46, 2015

It's pretty much monsoon season these days, which I suppose is way better than the haze. 
  • Finally saw Spectre this week. 
  • Also finally sold my Xiaomi Yi Action cam at a slight profit (very little, really; but still cheaper than the prevailing market price, AND it's still not yet available on Xiaomi Malaysia online store) to this obnoxious, inconsiderate guy on Carousell (getting a PM at 3 a.m. that said "Hello...?" after the previous one at 1 a.m. when I'm trying to sleep was not appreciated) which I wouldn't bother with, but because he poney-ed up the cash first so I dealt with it. 
  • Also selling a bunch of stuff on Carousell - check me out here!
  • Deepavali was on Tuesday, so some people took Monday off for a long weekend. Nope, didn't think of that myself sooner. Oh well. 
  • Holiday drinks have made their appearance again! Yay? 
  • Which also means Starbucks has both their holiday merch and 2016 planners out. No way I'm about to spend money on 12 Grande-sized drinks.