Sunday, 8 November 2015

Week 45, 2015

Some people are on a long weekend already with Deepavali being on Tuesday.
  • Got myself a seat in the nosebleeds for the Instant Cafe Theatre's D’STATE OF D'NATION reunion/anniversary show at the PJ Civic Centre next month. If you're a fan of the local English performing arts scene, this is a must go! 
  • Weird Kickstarter projects this week: Music for Cats (which has gone past its goal) and the Stache Shield (still hasn't reached its funding goal... makes for a great gag gift, I guess). 
  • No Urbanscapes this year; it's coming back again next year. 
  • I learned from NCIS this week that that knock is called "Shave and a Haircut". Go look that up. 
  • I actually want these socks :P
  • I didn't know they used fish bladders to filter Guinness...?