Friday, 13 November 2015


I can't believe it's been several years since Skyfall - I thought it was much more recent than that. FINALLY got to watch Spectre this week because I can't stand not reading much about it before going in. And of course, some parents thought it was fit for their kids to watch this, dunno what went through their minds with the gorier scenes.
  • I don't think Daniel Craig has ever been in the opening credits/theme song himself until now. The naked ladies, yes. Have any of the others? Dalton, I would think. Not a huge fan of the song. 
  • I got used to a sandy blonde Bond, but has anyone else? 
  • That is A LOT of extras in that cold open, CGI or not.
  • Nice to see Dame Judi Dench M again... albeit in a video message. Wonder how much was she paid for the screen time she got :P
  • I don't care what anyone else says: Bond is wearing ladies' sunglasses :P
  • I didn't know you can do a loop-the-loop in a helicopter. Of all the places to fight in, they had to fight on a helicopter that had no doors. Well okay, even if it had doors, they probably would've been kicked out pretty quickly, so.. 
  • There was no way Bond was warm and cosy in that outfit was out in the snow... just saying. 
  • Wow, a clinic for rich people on the snow capped mountains. Talk about fancy.
  • Anyone who's ever seen Sherlock would know that Andrew Scott is not there as the good guy. 
  • For all the hoopla about Monica Belluci being the oldest person to play a Bond girl/lady (and older than Daniel Craig, some more), she was only on screen for 10 minutes, tops. 
  • Those are some really expensive cars to do a chase scene in... 
  • There's so many nods to the other movies in the franchise, you can read all that on IMDb. But the ejector seat and parachute was hilarious. 
  • For all the jokes about Bond being with ladies young enough to be his daughter in these movies, at least Lea Seydoux is less so..?
  • The torture scene in this one doesn't shine a light to the ball crushing in Casino Royale :P
  • Mr Hinx just gouges people's eyes out and hardly shines a light to Oddjob and Jaws. 
  • At least M, Q and Moneypenny got some action scenes to do in this movie? But there was no way Ralph Fiennes's M could've gone so far after the car crash, I'm just saying.
  • I thought the trenchcoat Moneypenny was wearing looked like Burberry :P
  • C must think M is a total moron for not thinking that the latter would search the office for guns and remove the bullets..
  • Wah, Bond just shoot shoot at the helicopter with a HANDGUN to take it out of the air... liddat also got ah?
  • Can Bond's suits get any more erm, fitted?
  • Okay, that reveal about Christoph Waltz's character in the last third of the movie was a bit WTF. Highlight for spoilers - He and Bond were foster siblings, with the guy killing his father and faked his own death because the dad and young James were too chummy with each other? WTF... 
  • Totally forgot about Blofeld and his white cat from the earlier Bond movies, which you wouldn't recognise until the last 20 minutes of the movie. 
Anyhow, fun movie. If you're a fan, go watch this. 

PS. What are the odds the villain in Bond 25 is just going to be Spectre's No. 2 guy? Anyone?