Friday, 20 November 2015

Popular Warehouse Sale, Viva Home

Since I had the day off and was done sending the car to the service centre (was advised to come early as it's a major service so I could leave by lunch, so I woke up earlier than I would and hauled ass), so I dropped by the members' preview of Popular's warehouse sale happening in Viva Expo Mall (a mall primarily known for home furnishings, but a lot of companies have been having their warehouse sales there in the last few years). 

Of course because most kids have started their school holidays, there's a lot of those (and their parents) there when I got there around 2 something. Didn't take me long to get through the English section of the sale and since I skipped about half the place, I spent more time in the stationery section. 

And then I decided to finally check out and THIS HAPPENED.... two different ladies with not one, not two, BUT SEVERAL baskets full of stuff taking up two of the three cashiers in. I don't know if they were buying Christmas presents or what, but... oh my crap, it's times like this I wish there were express lanes or something. One of the ladies even brought LUGGAGE to haul it all in. Waited what felt like FOREVER because of these ladies. It also took the supervisors way too long to figure that out and to redirect the long queue behind me. To say I was so close, and yet so far doesn't quite cut it :P

And no, I didn't care as to how they loaded everything into their cars, either.