Monday, 30 November 2015

Lobbee, Empire Damansara

Went to Empire Damansara a little earlier to have dinner before watching Angels in America: Perestroika. Long story short, I ended up at Lobbee, which opened recently and was located on the lower ground floor (below the Heritage Lane, basically in the parking level), mostly to see what the deal was with the lobster tom yam.

Unlike a certain boat noodle place upstairs, there was no line outside and I got seated right away. 

Lucky it came with shears and a saucer
The lobster - smaller than it looks
Took the plunge and ordered said lobster tom yam (which comes in portions for one or more; it's RM29 for the #foreveralone portion; most expensive bowl of tom yam ever). Luckily I was asked about heat/spice levels when they took my order, and like a chump, I asked for a less spicy version (let's just say I would like my taste buds to still be in working order). And you get to choose your own noodles - this time I went with the instant noodles, which in retrospect, I probably shouldn't have, but oh well. 

My expectations for the size of lobster was pretty low to start with, but it was basically a mini lobster. You just have to remember that there's still some flesh in the head, so dig there as well. If nothing else, the tom yam soup was definitely made from scratch as you can still see the ingredients that went into it... and it came with a whole boiled egg with a somewhat runny yolk, which I'm not sure was supposed to be that way, or if was supposed to be runnier or more cooked than it was. I didn't hate the tom yam soup itself, in case anyone was wondering, but it could stand to have more protein than just the lobster and for the price paid. 

Ice tea - black tea with a lychee syrup base
The ice tea was okay, but not enough to write home about. 

While there's no GST yet, but there is a 5% service charge.

I might go back to try the other dishes in the future.... but lobster tom yam is a once and done deal. 

LG-07, Empire Damansara 
Open Tuesdays - Sundays, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.