Sunday, 29 November 2015

Angels in America, Part Two: Perestroika

Fifteen months since the staging of Part 1, they finally did the full six, seven hour production of Angels in America at DPAC. You have a choice of either watching them both on the same day on the weekends (Part One in the afternoon, Part Two in the evening), and either one on the other weeknights. Since I can't be arsed to sit through Part One again, I opted for just Part Two that I saw on the first night of this run on Saturday.

Anticipating that it would be freezing cold inside, I went and had tom yam for dinner downstairs. Then I had to deal with the humidity while waiting outside the Black Box space. Oy vey. 

Heard that the numbers for the evening performance doubled the matinee attendance. Which wasn't saying much, because it wasn't really a full house to start with. Went with a friend who saw the matinee earlier and suggested we sit in the middle because there were things happening on the sides that you might not be able to watch if you sat in either side. 

Yep, that's the cast, just sitting there.
So the roles of Louis, Belize and one of the minor characters got recast since the previous production, and I kind of missed the previous guy (Jon Chew) who played Louis. Everyone else came back to reprise their roles. Dunno whether to laugh or cry at Qahar Aqilah who spent most of the play as a dying Roy Cohn, only to move and dance like a crazy person in the last third of the play. While there might have been pretty negligible fuck ups, but nothing that would make anyone want their ticket refunded. 

Tickets have gone nearly double since the previous run - even as a DPAC member, I had to pay RM60 for my ticket. 

We were told that Perestroika would be three hours long with two 10-minute intermissions. I'm just glad there wasn't applause every time an act came to an end. It ran so long, it was past midnight by the time I got home. 

While it was nice to finally see how the play ended and tied up most of its loose ends from Part One, but I don't think I could stand (haha) to watch it again. With everyone playing multiple characters, this play being "complex" is a complete understatement. I didn't hate it, but wouldn't watch it again. 

Stray observation: 
  • As a sucker for outerwear (as someone who lives in the tropics, I can't be the only one), I can't help but wonder where Dominic got his long hoodie sweater :P