Sunday, 18 October 2015

Week 42, 2015

Haze is back this weekend and in full force... at least, that's what my sinuses told me via headache.
  • Wednesday was a public holiday. Took the chance to drive downtown for recon and check a new ice cream place in DU. 
  • First time attending a Catholic wedding service in one of the older Catholic churches in KL.
  • They finally announced the dates of this year's Big Bad Wolf Books sale. The weird post about wanting to charge admission, boxes only and for plastic bags was a misdirected joke to the nth degree.
  • Checked out the Valiram Group's Family and Friends sale in the Westin on Saturday. Made out with ONE item.
  • Paying multiple parking summons at MBPJ with the parking situation there in the span of one week is tiring and annoying.