Saturday, 17 October 2015

Wedding dinner at the Corus Hotel KL

Drove down to the Corus Hotel KL for the wedding reception. Parking was still not bad. Even though I only left home around 6 something, I was still too damn early. Checked in with the bridesmaids, gave them the angpau and was told the table number. After getting a drink from room next door (they were serving non-alcoholic drinks as well as muruku and what not) and went into the ballroom to be an ass by myself for a bit because I didn't know anyone else there because the bridesmaids still busy. 

I thought the Westin was really the one kind with the non-complimentary WiFi; turns out this hotel punya WiFi also not complimentary one :P 

And in case anyone's wondering: it's RM8 flat rate parking after 6 p.m., and you pay on your way out at the parking booth. 

The "cake"
Got ice sculpture some more! Dun pray pray!

I suppose I should be glad that I got seated at the table (the bridesmaids/grooms-men's table) near the front of the stage (apparently some of the other attendees did wonder how we got such primo real estate) because I would be bored stupid by myself. Luckily another former collegemate showed up and we could just keep each other company for a bit. I also remembered that my former roommate/bridesmaid was coming with her mum (who will find any reason to come back to the Klang Valley as she was from PJ before moving to KK after marriage) and newborn daughter (several months old), whom I didn't see that morning. The baby slept through most of the dinner (even through all the racket - wish I can do that myself) in her grandma's arms until both mum and grandmother freaked about having a baby who's up all night before church the next day and we all tried to wake the baby up as the dinner was winding down.

The music playlist (picked by the bride) seem pretty standard until we heard ABBA's Money Money Money and Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive and cracked up a little because while they're a bit unusual for the occasion, but hey, not our wedding. 

Dinner started around 8 something, which is KL usual. First dish presentation was okay - at least it wasn't to either Hawaii Five-O or the Wong Fei Hung theme song - I certainly wasn't expecting to see scallop (not the huge ones you see on Masterchef, but unmistakably so) on the first Four Seasons dish. They even used the scallop "skirt"/adductor muscle (also usually discarded on Masterchef) in the cold salad dish which was pretty good (read: not rubbery).

Food was okay, even the dessert was pretty unusual - pink pear shaped mochi and some other weird dessert that you don't often see.. maybe it's just me. Was a little annoyed that the Lazy Susan at our table was not working properly and we had to resort to actually ROTATING the dish instead :P So much for attention to detail, Corus Hotel. 

The MC (recommended by the previous one whom I heard had to bow out by the bridesmaids; who's clearly more proficient in Mandarin/Cantonese than she ever will be in English) speaks terrific England. So much so when we heard her say "shoot you" at some point, we took too long to figure out that she meant to say "SUIT you". So the new mum/bridesmaid (who also does some MC work back in her hometown of KK) took over for the newlywed game stage of the night, and already my ears were bleeding a lot less. She even did some crowd work, which would be hilarious if people were more cooperative, but it happens. 

There were newlywed games during the dinner. Several, actually, including the shoe game that I've seen before, and a similar version with white boards, and a game where the couple took turns finding each other (by touching their hands or ears) while being blindfolded. And there was also a garter and bouquet toss that both the page boy/ring bearer and flower girl caught respectively. 

There was also a thing where the attendees had to vote on what the couple should do at the end of the night. Singing won out, but by the time they got round to it, 90% of the attendees had already left (at least they waited to leave AFTER the table yum seng). They wanted us to clear out by 11.30 p.m.