Thursday, 29 October 2015

The Last Witch Hunter

I usually don't care for Vin Diesel enough to watch anything he's in, so why I paid actual money to see The Last Witch Hunter is beyond me. Maybe it's the sleep deprivation, or because it's not already a sequel, prequel of any existing movie franchise (although they're looking to make one out of this movie) or based on anything printed. 

  • Abu Dhabi Air, HAHAHA. Talk about fake airline names..
  • I thought the flight attendant Kaulder flirted with in the beginning was SNL's Cecily Strong :P 
  • Vin Diesel calling Sir Michael Caine "kid" cracked me up. 
  • Michael Caine is just playing Alfred again... and like some commentors on IMDb, I also think this is one of the "for the money" roles too :P It's just as well that he doesn't do chat shows..
  • How is it that when you're 800 years old, you presumably have time to accumulate your wealth and assets? Even in the Twilight series (books and movies), the Cullens were rich because they had the time to make their investments, etc. Is there such a thing as a poor immortal? 
  • I think I can see why Elijah Wood wanted in on this movie... 
  • Does Rose Leslie herself have a IRL speech impediment (it sounded like a lisp, but again, what do I know?) or is it her character's? 
  • The Witch Queen heart being linked to Kaulder's immortality reeks of the Harry Potter as a Horcrux bit in the series, except here... if you kill the heart, you kill Kaulder. 
  • 36, 37 Father Dolans is a lot. I'm guessing it's FATHER DOLAN and not a "Dolan" as the press about this movie wants us to think. 
  • I'm not sure having your first American movie debut covered in prosthetics and makeup is the way to go, but hey, what do I know? 
  • If they're trying to make Chloe the witch his love interest, it's just plain creepy - she's young enough to be his great-granddaughter or something many, many times over. 
It's entertaining in some parts, but the movie as a whole could stand to be a lot better, especially the writing (the plot holes here are bigger than the holes on Swiss cheese). I don't know if this will be a launchpad for a new movie franchise since the ending makes it so, but based on the box office earnings... I dunno. Not holding my breath on that, haha.