Saturday, 3 October 2015


Don't know that much about the movie Sicario going in except when the cast went around promoting it on the late night circuit some months ago. Am I the only one that's baffled as to why we're getting this pretty gritty movie here? If nothing else, I have to give the local movie distributors props for bringing in something that's not going to appeal to the hoi polloi just to fill some seats. Not everyone wants to see a mindless movie every time they go to the movies. 

Anyhow, had the afternoon off and decided to cash in the free movie voucher I got and saw this in the second home TGV. 
  • I thought after many years of watching some (not all) gritty crime scenes on crime and cop shows, having the FBI tactical team dig up a house full of dead bodies in all levels of decay hidden in the walls was pretty gross (by in the walls, I mean ALL the walls). Have to like that having the FBI guys puke after all that makes them seem human. While I get that they weren't expecting to find quite that any bodies, let alone that many, you would think that by the time the boss (the dad from Alias) showed up, they would have done the Vicks under the nostrils thing or something. 
  • Josh Brolin's character wearing flip flops - haha.
  • Going around in private jets - macam Criminal Minds :P
  • I admit I haven't seen a lot of movies with Emily Blunt in it, but her American accent is not bad. 
  • How did a former prosecutor get so adept with guns one?
  • Hey, it's the guy from Burn Notice
  • It's just as well that there's no nudity in this. 
  • The wet willie torture device was really... out of left field.
It reminds me of The Mentalist (where Benicio Del Toro's character wants to avenge the death of his family) and Criminal Minds (in how gruesome the crime scenes get, and the travelling around in a private jet).

I like that I didn't really know what's going to happen next. It's not for people with weak dispositions and stomachs.