Monday, 5 October 2015

Pawn Sacrifice

Actually paid to watch Pawn Sacrifice last Wednesday night at the Tropicana City Mall cineplex mostly because I want to give the local film distributors financial reason to bring in the occasional smaller movie for those of us who are either exhausted by the big budget movies or blockbuster hits. Also, second movie this week. 

There were probably only 10 of us in a room watching, including a family of five. 

I kinda didn't think it was all gonna be about chess, but it really is... kinda.

While I had only heard of Bobby Fischer in passing, but he comes off as such an ass in this movie. 

And Peter Sarsgaard looks pretty good in priest garb, as shallow as that sounds. Liev Schreiber (for all intents and purposes) will always be known to me as "Hamster Face". 
If you're a fan of chess, you're welcome to watch this as it's definitely an acquired taste.