Friday, 2 October 2015

Muse, Singapore Indoor Stadium

It's been almost 10 years since I was last at Singapore Indoor Stadium for a concert - the last concert Coldplay performed in this neck of the woods. A lot has changed in the area: there's now a designated MRT station (succinctly named "Stadium"), swanky new mall... all a stone's throw away.

By the time I got to the bag check counters upstairs, they probably saw a lot of bags since the doors opened: the auntie with the flashlight checked my crossbody bag but not my backpack, which was where I stashed my partially filled Platypus bottle so I won't be terribly dehydrated. Of course there's also food and drink available, but you know...

Of course before I went through the bag check, etc, I made the obligatory pit stop to the merch booth downstairs, which didn't have the tour tee shirt in the size I wanted. Of course there were other things like hoodies, etc, but really... the tee shirts at S$50 was already erm, pricey enough. I was told to go check the booth upstairs and try my luck. Tee shirt shopping when you can't actually try it on and with only almost 3 hours sleep, I think I made the wrong call about the size (let's just say that when I tried it on later, the sleeves were a little tight and I was afraid I would Hulk out; there goes another Muse tee-shirt I can keep, but can't exactly wear. Next time I'm sticking to guy tee shirts). But anyway...

Despite leaving Orchard Road at what I thought was a late hour (nearly 8 p.m.), by the time I got there, I just managed to catch the opening act The Ruse. The Ruse opening for Muse - that's not a coincidence :P

The view from the nosebleeds

They played a lot of songs for an opening act: 6 - 8 songs, I think. Took what seemed like forever for the crew to disassemble The Ruse's equipment and to set up Muse's equipment. I took this time to recover from the long day I had to that point. The Malay asshole I was seated next to (and his buddies behind us, probably from East Coast) were being idiots by telling them to get off the stage, etc. Thankfully the whole lot of them probably snuck down to the mosh pit area in between performances.

Also forgot to mention the Kallang Wave everyone else did, which apparently (so I was told) that they do before every football match or something to that effect.

Since the last time I saw them, they had released two albums, so enough time has passed IMO to bother going to a concert again.

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There wasn't much banter this time, but I think it's because it's their third show this week (they were in China and Thailand the past week) and they can't be arsed...? With the day I had, neither can I, so can't blame them. 

Instead of starting the show with Knights of Cydonia, that song is now part of the encore. At least they changed things up a little. Whether it's your first time seeing them or not, it was a good time to be had. 

Also met up with my local friend and her husband after the show at the old mall (which was SWAMPED with concert goers - so much so the Burger King had ran out of certain menu items and had to stop the line because they wanted to close). Because the line was so long, by the time we're done, the buses and trains had stopped running and we had to cab it. They were nice enough to have the cabbie drop me off at my street before going back.