Saturday, 10 October 2015

Mrs Pho on Beach Road, Singapore

Walked past this place called Mrs Pho on my way to 5footway.inn and noticed how packed it was. Made a mental note to eat there if nothing else caught my eye.

After going around Haji Lane, I realised that I really wanted some pho (had been awake for 9 hours at that point) after all, and because I was still early for the 3 p.m. check in, I thought I might as well have lunch there to pass the time. 

It's crowded little half-shop even at around 2 something in the afternoon, but being by myself I didn't have to wait and was less fussy about seating and the waitstaff sat me by the front window. I was overwhelmed by the menu. You order by marking an order chit. I went with pho with sliced beef and brisket with homemade lemonade ($2) to wash it down. While waiting for my food, I was watching this foreign guy (not white, but light brown) trying to figure out his meal and condiments, which amused me some.

The pho was pretty good and I was slurping beef broth long after I had finished everything else (perhaps I was just that hungry). There was also plenty of beef inside for the price ($7.90). The iced lemonade was underwhelming for the price paid, but I didn't want any more caffeine in the system at the time. The whole bill was like $11, which would be less had I known they were charging $0.50 cents for the wet tissue packets on the tables. Grabbed a few more after I paid the bill on my way out :P 

I like it, but I wouldn't travel there just because. But if you're ever in the area... 

349 Beach Rd, Singapore 199570