Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Mr Holmes

Third movie last week, that I saw in Sunway Pyramid in the afternoon because I could. As I was going around the parking lot looking for parking, I was wondering why are there so many cars in the middle of the day? 

Mr Holmes is a story that while loosely based on a book (Mitch Cullin's A Slight Trick of the Mind), but it's not based on the Conan Doyle canon as this focuses on nonagenarian Holmes in his retirement years getting old and forgetting things as he tries to remember details of his last case. 
  • If nothing else, Sir Ian did a good job of playing someone twenty years older? 
  • Laura Linney's accent in this movie was alright, I guess...
  • I didn't know what a glass harmonica was before; and now that I do, I get why it went out of style... 
It was okay. If you don't want to spend your money on violent, big budget movies, this is not bad.