Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Laugh Die You II

Bought a (not that) cheap ticket to the Friday (and last performance of) Laugh Die You II mostly out of curiousity and that tickets were getting cheaper as the dates got closer. I would feel bad for whoever bought tickets early, but... NOT! 

Left home a little later than I would've liked (read: dinner started late) considering I was going to a part of Sentul I wasn't familiar with. Because of the Friday night congestion and general sesat-ness, I parked on the grounds of the primary school next door (last in, first out situation) thanks to the RELA people.

No regrets having dinner at home beforehand as there wasn't much left in terms of F&B options (this was after ticket scan and hand stamp downstairs in the parking lot), so I headed up to my seat and I was just in time to see Gurmit Singh's Ah Beng contractor character Phua Chu Kang do his thing as host. I'm still surprised he still has the costume, but even if he didn't, I imagine it wouldn't cost too much to reproduce :P I also wasn't expecting him to be giving stuff out to people and have audience participation activities, which made me glad I didn't spend more on tickets and made me feel like I was at some company annual dinner... 

Thought I was going to be closer to the ledge than this :P
For how cheap the venue was (I had never heard of HGH Convention Centre until the previous Laugh Die You, and it's in the middle of Sentul - it's like if they had the show in my old primary school hall or something), at least it's modern in some aspects: there was free Wi-Fi where I was seated, so I was mostly on my phone looking for a way home because I had already seen these jokers at some point and half their material I had already heard before.

The only person I was tickled by (in any sense of the word) was PCK, whom I have to give props for entertaining those of us who were still in their seats during the 15 minute intermission by singing a couple of songs: some Jason Mraz song and that John Legend song. I didn't know the man could sing, but good on him.

Intermission countdown.

What I wasn't expecting was the pyro and the dancers. Yes, it's so high-low budget, that while it's held in a pimped out hall in Sentul, but got money for pyrotechnics and dancers.

Everyone (Kavin Jay, Singaporean comic Fakkah Fuzz, and Crackhouse Comedy Club co-owner Jonathan Atherton) did their 15 minutes, and after intermission, Harith came on as headliner, which also wasn't all that long... maybe half an hour?

What I also wasn't expecting (a night of surprises, I know) was that after everyone was done, the comics were going to do the joke-off on topics by the audience. I think they were also doing something else, but I figured I better GTFO first and the beat the traffic...

Note to self: probably better to park at D7 Jalan Sentul (free parking, and easier to get out), which houses the Three Little Birds Cafe (which I managed to squeeze in on my way out with a cup of dark hot chocolate).

No idea if I would go again...depends on the lineup, I guess.