Thursday, 1 October 2015

Getting myself to the airport and first Malindo flight

As an anxious traveller (not about the actual flying, but missing the flight altogether), I only got about 3 hours sleep (probably less, but I had to make myself get SOME sleep) before I had to get a ride out to Paradigm to catch the 5 a.m. bus to the airport. As the rest of the family were not home when I left (cousin's wedding), I was really fortunate to get an Uber ride from a dude that was on his way home to Subang at 4 in the morning who started his "shift" at 10 p.m. the night before, and there weren't any other cars at that time of day. 

Getting a ticket was the easy part, even at 4 something in the morning because the ticketing counter at the back of mall is open from 3.30 a.m.. I would hate that job, I imagine. This time there were more people using the service, but notably several MAS and Malindo flight attendants. Talk about budget cuts - I thought there used to be transport for them one...? :P

So the bus arrived a few minutes before and after everyone got their bags stowed away, left promptly at 5 a.m. The driver took the Federal Highway and exited at Batu Tiga toll to get to Sepang. 

The only good thing about arriving at KLIA2 so ridonkulously early is that I was finally be able to walk around the place before the flight counter opened. It's more mall than airport, but what the heck.

Also just my luck that Malindo's departure gate is the furthest end (I asked the lady at the baggage drop how far to the gate, she said it was "jauh". Might as well just check it in because it's included in the fare). Fortunately there were trolleys after the LAG screening. I thought we would be boarding the plane rightaway, but no - we went to a holding area while people were still getting off the plane.

We left about 10, 15 minutes after posted departure time, and arrived around noon at Changi's Terminal 3. Don't know if it was that time of day or there weren't that many flights coming in, or what but it took me longer to find the immigration form and filling that out than I was in line for immigration.