Sunday, 13 September 2015

Week 37, 2015

Horrendous haze this week, but at least the totobobo mask I got at half price is not going to waste... 

  • Couple of Chinese sit down dinners this week - Wednesday and Saturday, thankfully not wedding dinners - so no Wednesday movie or anything. 
  • The Late Show with Stephen Colbert finally started this week.
  • Has anyone tried putting a spoonful of instant coffee in their spaghetti bolognaise? I might actually try that the next time I make it.. 
  • Got an email from this club that's so exclusive you really can't buy your way in (there's a waitlist, limited numbers, etc). It's just as well I'm poor and cheap AF as the monthly subscription made me go O_o 
  • Been binge watching the short, 8 episode first season of Food Network's All Star Academy, mostly just to see how Curtis Stone fared against three Iron Chefs. 
  • Terribly glad that a MUJI is opening up in the second home next week - yay! 
  • Who's glad next Wednesday is a holiday?