Wednesday, 16 September 2015

MUJI in 1 Utama Store Opening

I was beyond excited when I saw that a MUJI store was opening in the second home - finally I don't have to go so far for the MUJI fix (the closest until now was Sunway Pyramid). 

They were either very shrewd or they were following some feng shui advice when they announced on social media, etc that they were opening the 1U store the day before a public holiday, because to get people through the door, they were offering RM50 vouchers to the first 100 in line to show proof that you Liked the MUJI Malaysia Facebook Page. 

Got there a little after 11 a.m. (since it starts at noon) and the line was still not too long (heard that the first people in line had been there since 10 something - not the night before lah). Rest of the people in line were basically housewives (and maybe their kids in tow as schools were closed yesterday due to haze), students... While some people brought their small children, thankfully they didn't count (unless they had Facebook accounts...?). While waiting, I was making small talk with the auntie behind me while dodging the photographers covering the event and waiting for them to get on with the proceedings. 

We all stood in line as we watched the big kahuna (apparently, the guy who owns the mall or something) show up to officiate the proceedings. 

It's not something I see often
Forgot that they have to paint the eyes on the lion before it could "come to life" or something like that, but don't ask me why. 

They went in, danced around the shop (most importantly, the cashier counters), and made their way out again.. 

All the ladies were filling their baskets with these scarves, they were that cheap.
My kiasu self also grabbed one :P
All gone when I went back in the evening for some other reason.
For RM10, I got one Small and Large size; if there was ever a Medium one, they probably ran out by the time I decided to just go for it.

The LONNNGGG line to pay -_-"
Since the voucher only applies to regular priced items, I got the one thing I wouldn't mind having, but minded paying full price for: the "award winning" travel pillow. Took me way longer to pay than it did to get the free voucher: I was in line for at least half an hour because there were only three cashiers and a lot of people had full baskets for some weird reason (not everything was on sale, and there are other MUJI stores before this one). By the time I was done, the only thing I could do is have lunch at the McDs nearby. 

The tote came with RM50 spend...