Wednesday, 30 September 2015

5footway.inn Project Bugis

It's my first time back since it opened about three years ago as Project Sultan Mosque, now renamed Project Bugis (I don't know what triggered the name change, but can't be arsed to find out). I only came back because it's closest from where I need to be that has private single rooms for under S$100 that's not in Geylang. This time I booked a deluxe single room, which came with an ensuite bathroom.

Getting there: From the airport, you can either ride the MRT to Bugis on one line (green line) or Nicoll Highway on a different line (yellow line). However, despite the stairs and having to change MRT lines (green to yellow), it's a shorter walk from Nicoll Highway than it is from Bugis, which makes a difference if you have large/large number of luggage, and if you're a candle princess like yours truly.

Flying in at T3, there was barely a line at immigration (I spent more time filling out the immigration card because the good people at Malindo had neglected to give half the passengers on my flight those, so I couldn't fill it out on the plane), so I was a couple of hours early for check in, so I left my luggage there while I (finally) took the opportunity to walk around the area a little, particularly the hipster lane known as Haji Lane which I didn't get to go the last time I was in the area.

Anyway, by the time I was done with lunch at Mrs Pho (which I'll save for another post) around the corner, it was finally time to check in. Some of the same policies are still in place, like the S$20 refundable key card deposit, and the private room bookings come with a towel (those in dorms pay a nominal fee for towel use). At least you can now use said keycard for everything, from access to your floor (if you're upstairs), for your door and also the locker/drawer under the bed for luggage. 

Room: Was lead to a room just right upstairs and down the hall from the spiral staircase, near the shared washroom facilities. Actual room itself was windowless, but the ceiling was high enough so it didn't feel as cramped as I expected, but it would be claustrophobic for two people. Based on the number of plug points and lights in the room, I guess there used to be a bunk bed in there. Also glad to see a tiny waste basket in the corner. The aircon was also a little wonky, but didn't mean it wasn't working. 

Had a feeling a bunk bed used to be in here, hence the power and light points.
Tiny, but spacious bathroom. Maybe it's the huge mirror playing mind tricks on me..

The bedding was a little worse for wear: you could tell that the pillow was pretty yellow and the mattress barely fit the bed frame and not terribly firm. Linens were clean. 

Slept okay for a few hours from sheer exhaustion after the concert and much need third shower, but you can definitely hear the door downstairs open and close loudly in the middle of the night. 

Woke up at around the start of breakfast (from 6.30 - 10 a.m), mostly because a pain in the neck, and got a little cold at some point, but also to get first dibs on the limited fruit. It's a little sad that it's all disposable plates, cups and cutlery now, but I'm guessing there's too much theft, damage and breakage that's happened since I was first there? I probably could've gone back to sleep afterwards, but decided to finally shower and pack before checking out a few hours early as I wanted to check out the Jurong malls and the malls on Orchard that I didn't cover the day before.

Took a similar picture the last time; the only difference is the tall buildings in the background...
Fruit - siapa cepat, dia dapat
Downstairs lounge/breakfast nook.
Only managed this because I was the only sakai up so early for breakfast... :P
If nothing else, Kuan Lin's the chirpiest person working there, which may annoy some people, but not me. I think the hospitality industry needs more people like her - hopped up on caffeine and cheery. The other staff I came into contact with were also pretty helpful when asked for directions to things, when they're not busy checking people in and out.

Still better than the Potter cupboard under the stairs I last stayed at :P

10 Aliwal Street, Singapore 199901, Singapore