Sunday, 30 August 2015

Week 35, 2015 - Merdeka weekend

It's the long Merdeka day weekend, except that ministry has declared the words "Merdeka" and any references to the number 58 to be verboten from advertising materials and that it should be called "National Day" celebrations. People are practically camped out down town for the BERSIH rally - I wish the participants well... I just wish people wouldn't call it a "Minion gathering". 

Mother also gone on her own Merdeka escapade with her siblings back to the East Coast for the weekend.
  • New IKEA catalogue is finally out, yay! You can also read it online if you can't get a hard copy, but it's just not the same.
  • Instead of a movie this past Wednesday, I saw the one-man show, Is It Because I'm Indian? 
  • That said, I want to watch Agent 47 for some reason. 
  • Found the place with the musang king durian flavoured soft serve ice cream. For RM4 a cone, you can definitely taste the durian. Also probably the cheapest taste of durian in the area :P
  • Instagram finally allowing landscape and potrait posting. About time. 
  • So if there's going to be a fifth Blackadder series, which decade is it going to be set in?