Sunday, 9 August 2015

Week 32, 2015

  • I didn't know there's a Split Gravy on Rice (based on Jit Murad's play of the same name) movie. I'd watch it if it's out, but no news yet on a local release date. 
  • The world saw Lenny Kravitz's bling-ed up pee-pee. What's funnier is him sharing Steven Tyler's text after it came out... *badum-tish*
  • Finally saw the new Mission: Impossible movie this week.
  • The Fantastic Four reboot widely panned. Not sure if still want to go see it next week... 
  • There might be some closure on MH370...?
  • IKEA sale started this week (to clear some stuff in anticipation of the new catalogue coming out later in the month), but for the most part ended up buying stuff that wasn't on sale... :P 
  • ANTM and Project Runway are back...!!  
  • While Singapore turned 50 this week, it's still a long way to go to being a pensioner...